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Brown Sugar Salmon Full Song Informations

Song NameBrown Sugar Salmon
Lyrics WriterTyler
Music ProducerTyler

Brown Sugar Salmon Song Full Lyrics

Today in this article we are presenting the latest English song Brown Sugar Salmon Lyrics.

Brown Sugar Salmon is a famous song sung by Tyler. the lyrics are written by Tyler while composing the music by Tyler.

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Brown Sugar Salmon song lyrics in english – Tyler, The Creator 2021

Good Day! Sir Baudelaire
What Can I Do For You?
Oh Dude, I Am So F*Cking Hungry
And I Just Want To Eat
Can I Get The,
Can I Get The Brown Sugared Salmon?
Mm-Kay, So Our Dinner Plates This Evening
Are The Braised Bohemian Beef
Or The Brown Sugared Salmon
Hehe Yeah, I Know I Want
I Want The Brown Sugared Salmon Please
With The, With The Potatoes
And I Don’t, I Don’t Want Brussels Sprout
Mmm I’m So Sorry, We Are Out Of That
The Chef Actually Ran Out Of Salmon
Because There Was A Trivial
Boat Shortage At The Lake So
So Why Did You Mention It In The First Place?
Because That’s Our Specials
Okay Alright Cool
Let Me Just Get The Ehmm
The Braised Bohemian Beef With The Potatoes
And I Don’t
Oh Mr. Baudelaire
I’m Gonna Have To Check
If We Have The Braised Bohemian Beef

Are You F*Cking Dumb?

I’m Just Gonna Have To Double Check
That We Have That
Who’s, Who’s Running This Place?
Who’s In Charge Here?
I’m In Charge Mr. Baudelaire
And Thank You So Much For Traveling With Us
Is There A Dilemma I Can Sort Out?
I’m Starving, And I Just Want Dinner
Oh, Well, Our Dinner Specials
Are The Braised Bohemian Beef
And The Brown Sugared Salmon
I Know, I Fucking Know
And This Lady Keeps On Telling Me That
Oh, Ah, My Name’s Trina Sir
Okay, Well, Trina Sir Keeps Saying
It’s No Salmon, It’s No Beef
It’s No Anything, I Just Want

It’s Not No Anything
Mr. Baudelaire
It’s The Braised Bohemian Beef
Or The Brown Sugared Salmon
I Think He’s Leaning Towards The Beef
Trina, Would You Quadruple Check
If We Have The Beef?

Mmm, We Do Not Have
The Braised Bohemian Beef
Oh Jeez
I’m So Sorry Mr. Baudelaire
I Have Just Got Word That
We Are In Fact Out Of The Braised Bohemian Beef
But We Are Now Serving Complimentary Yogurt
Now Would You Like Strawberries Or Granola?
Oh-Oh, Oh Oh, We Are Out Of The Yogurt

FAQs of Brown Sugar Salmon Song

Who is the Singer Of “ Brown Sugar Salmon ” Song?

Tyler has sung the song “ Brown Sugar Salmon “.

Who is the Writer or Lyricist Of “ Brown Sugar Salmon” Song?

Tyler, The Creator has written the “ Brown Sugar Salmon ” Song.

Who is the Producer Of “ Brown Sugar Salmon” Song?

Tyler has Produced the music video of the “ Brown Sugar Salmon ” Song.

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