World Top Universities Ranking By Acceptance Rate

Top Universities Ranking By Acceptance Rate: Below are the world’s top universities’ acceptance rates ranked according to their admission acceptance rate.

World Top Universities Ranking By Acceptance Rate Lyricsdrive
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Hanyang University

Hanyang University is a private research university that was established in the year 1939 and is situated in South Korea. The university has two campuses in Seoul and Ansan which is also known as the ERICA campus. The university was established as an engineering institute (Donga Engineering Institute) in 1939, and later on, switched to Hanyang University.

Hanyang University offers more than twenty programs on both its campuses. The university also entails The Hanyang University Graduate School which offers a variety of programs, some of them are: Technology & Innovation Management, Public Policy, Engineering, Biomedical Science & Engineering, Education, Journalism & Mass Communication, Urban Studies, International Studies, Global Business, and many more. The university also offers two different International programs: the Global G2 (English-Chinese) Program and the Global 3.0 Program which explores internationalization in the areas of education.

Hanyang University offers scholarship opportunities to students based on academic excellence. Hanyang University is the first university to Install the Cloud System and provides an intellective form of service by combining the 3 academic wings under Hanyang which are the Hanyang Seoul Campus, the ERICA Campus, and the Women’s University. The university has also been ranked among the world’s top 100 most innovative universities by Reuter.

Their acceptance rate is 3.8% and the entrance score minimum is 6.5 for IELTS and 89 for TOEFL with a minimum GPA of 2.4

Stanford University

Stanford University was opened in 1891 in Stanford, California. Located between San Francisco and San Jose, it is part of the California Silicon Valley, which is home to companies like Yahoo, Google, and Hewlett-Packard that were all started by Stanford Alumni.

It is organized into a total of seven schools- Business, Earth Sciences, Humanities and Sciences, Education, Medicine, Engineering, and Law. The university is known for its STEM, Law, and Business programs. Stanford has more than 16,000 students enrolled of which about 7,000 are enrolled in undergraduate programs and about 9,300 in graduate programs. Currently, Stanford has 19 Nobel laureates as a part of its community.

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Their acceptance rate is 4% with a minimum GPA of 3.8, IELTS of 7, TOEFL of 100, SAT of 1520, and ACT of 33.

University of Campinas

The University of Campinas, also known as Unicamp, is established in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The university is unceasingly ranked among the top universities in Brazil. It was built in 1962, and still remains one of the very few universities which were designed from scratch unlike several universities in Brazil that are a result of the consolidation of various already existing schools.

The school has a massive main campus that is located in Barao, Geraldo district. It also has a campus in Limeria, and it also runs two schools in Campinas and Limeira. The government

funds the institute and education is free for all undergraduate and graduate programs.

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Harvard University

Situated in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts, Harvard is a private Ivy League university in the United States of America. It was established in 1636 and is mostly a research-driven institution that is dedicated to developing leaders in various fields.

Harvard University is a parent university and includes the Harvard Business School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard College, Harvard Divinity School, Division of Continuing Education, Graduate School of Design, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Graduate School of Education, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, School of Public Health, Harvard Kennedy School, and Institute for Advanced Study.

Harvard has more than 25,000 students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses and with more than three million alumni across the world. The school has one of the most extensive financial aid plans, more than 60% of its undergraduate students have been awarded $160 million in assistance.

Their acceptance rate is 5 % with a minimum GPA of 3.8, IELTS of 7, TOEFL of 100. SAT of 1470, and ACT of 32.

Columbia University

Founded as Kings College in 1754, Columbia University is the oldest university in New York State and the fifth oldest in the United States. The American Revolution brought the functioning of the college to a halt. However, after eight years it reopened under the new name ‘Columbia’.

Currently, the Columbia University campus is located at 116th Street and Broadway. It is a private Ivy League research university and provides a range of courses in various disciplines. It entails more than 20 schools conferring undergraduate and graduate degrees and there are more than 8,000 undergraduate students and 20,000 students in postgraduate programs.

Their acceptance rate is 5% with a minimum GPA of 3.8, IELTS of 7, TOEFL of 100, SAT of 1300, and ACT of 29.

Yale University

Yale University is a private Ivy League university that was founded in 1701 in Connecticut. It is also recognized as the inception of doctoral education in the United States as it awarded the first three Ph.D. degrees in the country. Yale University offers several courses through its various schools: Yale College, School of Architecture, Graduate School of Arts and Science, School of Arts, School of Drama, Divinity School, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Law School, School of Management, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, School of Medicine, School of Music, School of Nursing and School of Public Health.

Yale is organized into fourteen constituent schools: the original undergraduate college, the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and twelve professional schools. While the university is overseen by the Yale Corporation, each school’s faculty manages its curriculum and degree programs.

Their acceptance rate is 6% with a minimum GPA of 3.8, IELTS of 7, TOEFL of 100, SAT of 1510, and ACT of 34.

Princeton University

Princeton is one of the country’s most historic communities and universities. It is the 4th oldest college in the USA and is a private Ivy League university.

Recognized as one of the best institutions worldwide Princeton has 18 Master’s degree departments, 42 Doctoral departments and programs, 36 Academic Departments, and over 53 interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate programs. It is an average size university that has a total of more than 1,200 faculties and more than 5,200 and 2,700 enrolments in undergraduate and graduate courses respectively.

The main campus is situated in Princeton Borough and Princeton Township. It has more than 150 buildings and 6 residential colleges. Travel & Leisure named the campus as one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States.

From the 2001 to 2019 edition, Princeton University was ranked either first or second among national universities by U.S. News and World Report (USNWR), holding the top spot for 17 of those 19 years.

Their acceptance rate is 4% with a minimum GPA of 3.8, IELTS of 7, TOEFL of 100, SAT of 1460, and ACT of 32.

University College London

Established in 1826, the University College London (UCL) is a public research university in London, England. It is the largest college in the United Kingdom by postgraduate enrolments and the third-largest college by total enrollment. The university is associated with 29 Nobel Prize winners and 3 Fields medalists.

UCL offers courses from medicine to languages, History to Astrophysics, and Law to Engineering. The university contains 11 faculties and the academic calendar has three terms, with English as the language of instruction.

The school is a member of several academic organizations, including the Russell Group, and is part of UCL Partners which is the world’s largest academic health science center.

Their acceptance rate is 7% with a minimum GPA of 3.5, IELTS of 6.5, TOEFL of 100, SAT of 1490, and ACT of 32.

Hyogo College of Medicine

Hyogo College of Medicine is a private medical sciences university founded in 1972 in Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan. The college obtained university status from the Japan University accreditation association in March 2004.

Hyogo College of Medicine offers programs specific to medical sciences. The college is divided into a School of Medicine and a Graduate School containing several specializations in the field of medical sciences.

Hyogo College of Medicine is home to the Laboratory of Allergic Diseases, one-of-its-kind in Japan. It was granted the MEXT Strategic Program Grant for Research Infrastructure Development in Private Universities. Its graduate school is one of the highly ranked schools in Japan for medical sciences. The university’s Institute for Advanced Medical Sciences with its four high-tech laboratories offers opportunities for high-end medical sciences research.

Hyogo College of Medicine also provides overseas training programs with institutions of high academic reputation such as Columbia University, University of Washington, Harvard Medical School, James Cook University, and University of California San Diego.

Their acceptance rate is 7.2% with a minimum GPA of 2.8, and IELTS of 6.

HEC Paris

HEC Paris also known as Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris is a private French Business School situated in Jouy-en-Josas. The school was established in the year 1881 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and specializes in Postgraduate and Doctoral level business programs. The school currently enrolls over 4200 students.

HEC Paris only offers Master’s and Doctoral level Business programs in addition to Executive Education programs. The MBA program is the university’s star program in addition to an Executive MBA Program, TRIUM Global Executive MBA Program, and a Ph.D. Program in Management.

HEC Paris has a suburban campus spread over an area of 110 hectares in Jouy-en-Josas, France. The campus comprises several facilities which include Sports Fields, Chateau, Lakes and Gardens, Bars and Restaurants, and Gym in addition to Incubator HEC Paris.

HEC Paris has ultra-modern teaching facilities, audiovisual and technology-enabled classrooms, 10 halls of residence, and lecture halls, and a library with millions of items.

HEC Paris ranks 1st in the world for its Masters in Management programs in the QS World University Rankings. The university also ranks 1st and 4th worldwide for its Masters in Marketing and Masters in Finance programs by QS Top Universities.

HEC Paris has its Global MBA program ranked 9th in the world by the Financial Times MBA Rankings 2020. The school is ranked 9th globally for Business and Management and 19th in the world for Accounting and Finance in QS World University Rankings by subject.

Their acceptance rate is 8% with a minimum GPA of 3.3, IELTS of 7, TOEFL of 100.

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