Best Job Oriented Short Term Courses after MBA

Initially, as the private sector opened up, the demand for business graduates went up. So, companies started looking for young people with new skills. Today, there is a lot of demand for short-term courses after an MBA.

Best Job Oriented Short Term Courses after MBA Lyricsdrive
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Meanwhile, take a look at the salaries and jobs after MBA. Therefore, an MBA degree became a much-wanted course. However, as time passed and more people went for the MBA degree, technology posed new challenges. Thus, this led to a huge rush in the sector. Today, B-schools have been failing to roll out people who can meet the industry’s expectations.

List of Short-Term Courses after MBA

Therefore, MBA also needs short term courses after MBA to have a better job. These short-term courses will help in getting new skills.

List of courses short term courses after MBA that can help in skill development.

ISB Certificate Programme in Business Analytics (CBA)

It is one of the short term courses after an MBA. Also, it’s called AMPBA (Advanced management programme in business analytics). Thus, it is made to do not interfere with the ongoing job. Also, it involves an interactive method to teach the solutions to real-world business problems. This uses foundational projects along with different modules of the programme.


It is designed to meet the needs of the finance sector. It’s one of the short term courses after an MBA. One can pursue this along with a job and complete the three levels. Also, they ask candidates to give over 300 hours to prepare for each level.

Pre-requisites for CFA

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A bachelor’s degree. While students can also take the exam in the final year of graduation.


This gives jobs in corporate finance. For instance, investment banking, portfolio management, and equity research. This degree is capable of bringing credibility to the global market.


This is for a career in risk management. Also, it’s one of the most chosen short-term courses after an MBA. GARP offers this program with two levels. GARP holds the exam twice a year in November and May. And, it needs an average of 275 hours of preparation for the exam.

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Pre-requisites for FRM

The candidates should have a minimum of two years of work experience. But, there is no educational requirement. The candidate must submit the resume within five years after passing FRM Part II.

Career scope

The professionals test their knowledge in taking a calculated risk. E.g., investment banks, corporations or asset management firms involve lots of risks.


This is given by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). First, all industries are dependent on the IT industry. Second, there is a growing demand for people auditing in any organization. This certification provides skills in this area.

Lastly, the level requires five years of IT audit experience before getting the certificate. The exam is held thrice from February to May, June to September and October to January.


The internal auditors (IIA) institute offers this course for risk managers. The course proves useful for risk managers. As the coronavirus has hit the market, banks will have more NPAs and need these people. Also, students opting for this course will have to work hard as the course does not have a fixed syllabus.

It is a short-term course. Eligibility criteria has a character certificate signed by an authorized person—also, a graduate degree and job experience in the finance sector. IIA conducts CRMA exams throughout the world. So, this exam will be very good if the candidate is interested in credit risk management, risk assurance, quality assurance, audit etc.


It is also a global certification. The material required for exam preparation is available online.

This is for those who want to go into the supply chain. Also, it gives information on the production, planning and stock management of an organization in operations. So, it is one of the most wanted courses to do after an MBA.

PhD in Management

PhD offers deep insights into management and is a course offered by different IIM’s. It’s an ideal course for aspirants for consulting firms. Also, the programme provides a foundation for those who want a career in academia.

It is one of the best courses to pursue after an MBA, and the course offers research in topics such as marketing, finance, economics, human resources etc. It offers a library of literature, journals and databases, data labs. Also, colleges give high computing facilities, lodging on campus, a decent fellowship and extra money for research.

SAP course

Here, one learns to manage financial assets. Also, to manage plants, materials, cost accounting, production operations, personnel, and archived company documents.

This is divided into two courses, i.e. functional and technical courses, where one focuses more on coding modules. So, it is one of the most chosen courses after an MBA.


This is done with programming languages like Java, C, C Packages. This uses OS like MS Office- Web Design, TALLY, Oracle-VB etc., for information handling.

So, the students can take the one-year course either full time or part-time even with no prior experience.

NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets

This program tests information and aptitudes required to work in the capital markets. It covers various areas of banking, financial markets, financial services and financial literacy.

Personality development

This course gives a boost to your communications skills and confidence. Working people take this course with their job making them versatile with easy time and duration adjustment. It could be best to groom your personality. It’s a short term course to pursue after MBA.

Students can get skills to ace the interviews and GDs. Today, companies lookout for brilliant minds and good personalities.

Executive MBA

This has become popular as it provides an edge in the market. Also, young people now prefer this as it is of shorter duration (15 months to 18 months). Also, people often do this in a part-time model. It’s designed for working executives. This short term course provides skills for the job.

Doctor of business administration

This gives the skills needed to motivate the students to develop new approaches to business. It suits the nature of the industry. It provides the content to tackle real-world problems. But, it is in the lines of academics.

Postgraduate diploma in marketing management

Marketing is crucial for any business. But, without a proper strategy, one cannot expand its business. So, a management graduate with a degree in Marketing becomes a good candidate. It helps to identify consumer behaviors. And, hence, strategize as needed.

Society for Human Resource Management

An HR member’s association provides certificates for short-term courses for applicants seeking expertise post MBA. This is a course for training individuals to tackle real-world HR problems.

Language course

As businesses expand, there is a demand for people to know multiple languages. Many B-schools have realized that this adds advantages to the job. The chances of getting placed in an MNC improve. Today, knowing the local language helps in a better understanding of clients. Hence, a language course can be an addition to the qualifications.


Nowadays, every business is in a world of big data. MBAs with digital know-how have an edge in the market. It is one of the short term courses actively chosen by people after an MBA. Graduating business leaders with an understanding of technology can perform better.

AWS- Amazon Web Services

Today, a lot of businesses need in-house services to the cloud. Those with skills within the latest cloud computing solutions, also those from AWS, can have a job with a good salary.

Inbound Marketing Certification Course

Also, a course with inbound marketing skills through training in content creation, communication skills, etc. This is a great course that helps gain knowledge in inbound marketing approaches.

Marketing Management Professional Course

This will provide you with training in the development of strategic thinking. It lets the applicant use marketing skills in the market.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the top 20 B Schools, an MBA degree doesn’t hold much worth. After MBA, these short-term courses can provide anyone with an advantage to make the business degree more efficient. One can pursue these courses during ongoing professional requirements. Thus, it gets more relevant.

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